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Our First Customer Heroes head to the Start Line

Posted 12 July 2012 12:00 AM by Healthspan Heroes
Violet and Hilary

The first people to receive a Healthspan Customer Heroes award are Hilary and Violet- best friends of 30 years who share a love of walking that has seen them enter the Oxfam TrailWalker 2012, a gruelling event that challenges teams of four people to cover a 62-mile route across the South Downs in 30 hours.

It was Violet's brother who suggested that they take part- he is also part of the team along with Hilary's son- and they have been preparing over the last few months, meeting up regularly for increasingly long treks and to plan the kit needed and logistical arrangements to support them through the non-stop challenge; they will also have a 3-man support team following them throughout.

Neither of them is a stranger to physical challenges- with various charity walks, bike rides, a Coast-to-coast hike and a London Marathon already completed in previous years they are well aware of the stamina required to complete something of this scale. "When we said we'd do it, it seemed like a good idea," said Hilary this week "although this iffy weather is a worry- ups and downs on wet chalk paths can be lethal. We've prepared well though- our longest training walk has been 31 miles in good time and we're hoping to complete this weekend in 28 hours if we can." The small matter of recovering from a broken elbow a few weeks ago shouldn't be ignored either!

This Saturday morning, their team will be up at 4am, meet at the start for breakfast at 5am and will be in the first wave of teams setting off at 6am- hoping that the early start will allow them to get clear of the congestion that 2000 walkers will create. Spare them a thought around midday on Sunday when they'll hopefully have finished. We wish them fair weather and look forward to finding out how they got on (and we'll share that story here as soon as we can)

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