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Dee runs 414 miles in an epic fundraiser!

Posted 15 January 2013 12:00 AM by Healthspan Heroes
Healthspan Hero Dee

In June 2012, Dee (48) hatched a plan to raise money for a campaign called ‘Legs for Luca’- Luca Williams is 4 and he contracted meningococcal septicaemia in January of 2012, subsequently losing both of his legs. The campaign is run by Luca’s father and aims to raise funds to cover the huge costs of equipment and prosthetics to give Luca every chance to excel in every aspect of his future.

How it all started! (in Dee’s own words)

I waited around after a comedy show in Manchester to meet the stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert to ask him to write on my ticket with best wishes for Luca. He had already heard of the campaign and had taken part himself. I had the idea of photographing the ticket he signed and me travelling with it to some outlandish places Anyway over the weekend that idea morphed into the 10k tour for two legs for Luca: A 10k run every week in a different city each week to raise money and awareness. This presented me with 3 challenges:

There are 69 cities in the UK .

Not all cities have formal 10k races so I have to be a bit creative in order to complete my challenge.

A large number of the 10k races are on the same days.

The reality

With help from friends and family, Dee has mapped out 69 consecutive weeks of runs for her challenge, these are a mixture of formal 10km races, organised 10km runs through organisations like ParkRun and very unofficial runs that Dee maps and does herself. As well as this impressive logistical feat there is the not-insignificant fact that Dee is new to running as a sport- so training her body to cope with the runs was another important part of her preparation.

Dee is now 12 weeks into her challenge- with runs completed in Sheffield, Salford, Stirling, Swansea, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Worcester, Nottingham, Gloucester and Leeds. She keeps a diary of her progress for each race on her blog:

The Healthspan link

Dee regularly takes multivitamins, glucosamine and Cod Liver oil- helping keep her fighting-fit for her challenge. The Heroes scheme is helping Dee to meet some of the considerable travel and entry costs for her tour and we’ll continue to cover her times, fundraising and Luca’s progress in future editions. Dee runs in a t-shirt covered in handprints- keep an eye out for her in your city in the coming months!

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