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Energex Plus Blogger Reviews

Posted 13 February 2013 12:00 AM by Healthspan
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When we launched Energex Plus in 2012, we sent samples out to a group of bloggers- all with quite different backgrounds and lifestyles- we invited them to try the product and then post about their experiences. 

Energex Plus contains a comprehensive blend of guarana, Panax ginseng, amino acids and the entire family of B vitamins to give a natural boost when you might otherwise be reaching for a cup of coffee or a caffeine tablet.

Some selected comments are listed below from the bloggers who trialled Energex Plus- each links you through to the original article if you're after extra details:

From OffallyGood
To sum up, if you’re active and used to caffeine, these will probably make a great alternative to espresso/Red Bull/ProPlus or whatever else it is you use to keep awake and focussed. I think they are more effective than the caffeine tablets I took when I was studying for my finals.

From Darren
I believe that this tablets did work as they were described. On the days which I felt a decline in my alertness, I took one of these tablets and did feel better afterwards. I’m not entirely sure if it was a placebo effect but I will continue to use these whilst I have some left over from my trial.

From Futures (a first-time mum)
Have I noticed an increase in my energy levels? Yes, I have - I'm much more eager to get things done, rather than just sitting down whenever I get a spare moment.

From Clear Your Heart (a 20-something office-worker)
I feel far more alert and attentive at work these days and I can usually feel the effects right through until evening. Whereas before I'd get in from work and slump onto the sofa with a bowl of pasta and Coronation Street, I know actually have the energy to do STUFF. Magical.

From A Rosie Outlook
...they have become an invaluable part of my morning routine on my more active days. The caffeine in them is a lot less than a can of Red Bull so they don't leave me feeling wired during the day or with difficulty sleeping, it just feels enough to get me round the run and then ready to start the day.

From DawniePopsies (A first-time Mum)
Luckily you gets loads of tablets in a box so although I have needed them on a few occasions, I still have loads left and will definitely be recommending them to anyone in a similar situation as I am. These are particularly great for anyone who wants a pick me up that doesn't involve reaching for the Red Bull or the Pro-Plus.

From RockSalt
In summary, my assessment is that if you are going to be up and at ‘em... taking one or two of these will add a bit of spring to your step, or a bit of concentration to your cranium. However, don’t take them expecting to suddenly feel like leaping out of your chair and dancing a jig.

From Interestingness
It’s hard to quantify, but I have even noticed a change in my thinking throughout day at the office, which is something I was really craving in a supplement – to lift the cotton wool from my brain.

From LMDFitness (a fitness enthusiast)
I would consider this as being a useful supplement to those with high-energy lifestyles. It has certainly helped to kick-start my training on days when I have felt sluggish...Being all natural and sugar-free, it is definitely more preferable to sugary sports drinks with caffeine and other bolt-on ingredients.

Thank you to all the bloggers who took part in this trial- we're really pleased that you took the time to take the product and give honest opinions on how it worked for you.

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