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Into Africa for Healthspan Hero Desna

Posted 15 March 2013 12:00 AM by Healthspan Heroes
Healthspan Hero Desna

Desna, 62, recently became a grandmother and even more recently broke her arm after a slip in the snow in January so it may come as some surprise that she has just landed in Tanzania to tackle her latest fundraising trek.

With over £3,500 raised already via her fundraising page it is time for her to deliver to her many sponsors who are supporting her as she scales Mount Kilimanjaro for the women's health research charity Wellbeing of Women.

The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro is 5,800 metres (3.6 miles) above sea level and the trek will see Desna walking for 5-8 hours each day over the course of a week to reach the top and come back down safely again. Having crossed deserts in Jordan and journeyed through rainforests in Peru she is no stranger to these kind of walks and has ensured proper preparation for the week ahead with 3 visits a week to the gym, aqua-aerobics and horse-riding. Her son is a fitness instructor and he's kept an eye on her progress and was able to help with a change in regime when Desna's cast for her broken arm made certain exercises impossible.

Desna has been a Healthspan customer for a number of years since seeing a newspaper advert for Glucosamine- something she now takes alongside Marine Chondroitin and Rosehip for her 'poorly knees'- with such an active live, one can't help feeling admiration for those knees which clearly take a pounding. The Healthspan Customer Heroes Scheme has helped Desna meet the cost of getting to Mount Kilimanjaro along with some specialist equipment- certainly necessary when the temperature at the base of the mountain can be as much as 30°C and at the summit it can be as low as minus 15°C

We wish Desna all the best of luck with conditions and look forward to letting you know how she got on once she is back home next month.

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