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Selenium and Q10 feature in positive study findings.

Posted 29 June 2012 12:00 AM by Healthspan

This week, details have emerged of a study from Sweden where scientists have been studying a group of 443 healthy men and women aged between 70 and 88. Individuals were given 200mg per day of Co-Q10 capsules and a single 200µg selenium tablet, or a placebo, over a two-year period. You can read our update on this study via this link: CO Q10 and Selenium benefits suggested for Heart Health

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Something that caught our eye at Healthspan was the claim by reporters in the Daily Mail and Daily Express that "Over-the-counter supplements that cost £1.10 a day 'can cut risk of heart disease by half'"

We took a look at where these prices might come from- examining two large UK brands for their 200mg CoQ10 and 200 milligram Selenium.

  Co Q10 200mg Selenium 200µg Daily Cost
Holland & Barrett £32.55 for 30 £13.99 for 250 £1.14 £30.65 for 30 £6.15 for 90 £1.09  
Healthspan £24.95 for 60 £9.85 for 360 44p  
*Prices accurate on the links given above at 3pm on 29/05/12.

We're obviously very pleased to see that we've come out as the best value in the market- especially as we have every confidence in our products also being the highest quality in the market.

Again, we can see that Healthspan offers best value all-year round.  At the margin of saving represented on these products above not even a penny-sale or a 3-for-2 offer would make up the price difference to the consumer's daily cost if purchased from these other companies.

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