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Are your supplements packaged properly?

Posted 7 March 2014 12:00 AM by Healthspan

With Healthspan, you always get the highest quality, which is why we have upgraded all of our products to foil sealed blister packs.

This new premium packaging ensures that each capsule or tablet stays fresh and protected until the day you take it. Additionally, they are also still letterbox friendly for ultimate convenience.

Over the last three months we have changed the packaging on the 40% of our range that was previously shipped loose in plastic tubs to foil-sealed blister packs. These still come in letterbox-friendly flat packs and our suppliers have created clever blister sheets that mesh together to make sure that we can still offer some of the largest pack-sizes on the market, meaning that you continue to get the best quality and value.



It is always recommended that you store your supplements in a cool, dry place to minimise any environmental damage. However, with many supplement users keeping them in warm, humid areas such as bathroom cabinets or by the kettle, we are now confident that each tablet and capsule is as fresh as the day that it was packed.

If you have any questions about our new packaging, you may find the answer in our Foil-Sealed for Freshness FAQs

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