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Jenny and Jo take on Kilimanjaro for Cornwall Hospice Care

Posted 22 September 2014 12:00 AM by Healthspan Heroes
Mount Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Peak

At this very moment two of our Healthspan Heroes, Jenny and Joanna (Jo) are climbing the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya, for Cornwall Hospice care. The girls are taking the Rongai route in order to reach the Uhuru Peak summit at 5,895m. Neither women knew each other prior to applying to the event but have since found out they live a mere 3 miles apart and have worked on some fundraising events together.

Jenny has been a Healthspan customer since 2007 and developed the trekking bug after hiking Machu Picchu in 2012. Cornwall Hospice has cared for a number of Jenny’s friends and is a charity she actively supports via donations and their lottery fundraising scheme.

Jo has been a Healthspan customer for just over a year now. She first heard about the Kilimanjaro challenge whilst visiting her mum, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Only two weeks after her diagnosis she sadly passed away but the care her mum received and the kindness shown to all her family was wonderful.

“I remember reading the challenge leaflet with her as she loved Africa, she'd visited a number of times in her life” Jo told us. “I vowed there and then I would climb Kilimanjaro in honour of her. Me and my sister are busy trying to raise funds which will go to the hospice and will therefore give other families the care, dignity and love which our family was shown at such a difficult time.”

Jenny spoke to us last week to fill us in on how she was feeling about the event: “I'm excited at the prospect but also nervous about my ability to complete it as I'm asthmatic and at 64 I'm not in the first flush of youth. However I feel as though I've done enough training and I'm ready to have a go at the real thing.”

The girls have been putting in as many training miles as possible, with Jenny walking around 50 miles a week in preparation as well as averaging 9 hours a week in the local leisure centre.

“Even if I don't make it to the top of Kilimanjaro it will be a massive sense of personal achievement both in terms of the physical personal challenge and in my ability to organise and run fundraising events,” Jenny told us last week before heading off. “Both the trek and the fundraising have taken me well out of my comfort zones. There is also a sense of pride at raising money for a worthy organization that has looked after a number of my friends in their last days.”

Both women have their own fundraising pages set up if you would like to donate, please click here for Jenny’s page and click here for Jo’s page.

We will be catching up with both Jenny and Jo when they return, but from all of the team we’re wishing them a massive GOOD LUCK!

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