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Posted 4 June 2015 12:00 AM by Nurture team
Uncover a more radiant you | Nurture articles

What’s on the surface of skin?

Your body is continuously making new skin cells, this means that skin will usually naturally regenerate itself about once every 27 days. ‘Regeneration’ is the process whereby the skin will form a new surface layer. This outer section of skin is called the ‘epidermis’ and the ‘corneal layer’ of this is what is that is visible on the outside of the body. It may disturb you to know that the corneal layer is actually dead and that’s why it is prone to looking dull and dry.

Inner skin activity

New skin cells are made inside the inner ‘dermis’ sections of the skin. This inner layer works like a small factory working with lots of components such as sweat, oil, blood, collagen and hair. Collagen is probably the part that you will be most concerned about here, as this is responsible for making sure that your skin keeps on regenerating and stays firm. Not surprisingly then, younger skin regenerates more quickly due to higher levels of collagen, whilst ageing skin can become thinner and more susceptible to wrinkles.

Simple steps for radiance

By embracing a new, simple skincare routine this year, you can very easily slow down the ageing process by maintaining a fast pace of regeneration. Over the page are three straightforward steps you can incorporate for your new skin regeneration regime.

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