What is nurture replenish?

Developed with the expertise of doctors, dermatologists, trichologists and nutritionists, nurture replenish is specifically designed to combat skin and hair changes during and after the menopause.


Unlike other ranges for mature skin and hair this range comprises of skin nutrition supplements alongside complementary beauty products, all containing phytoestrogens (natural plant oestrogens) to help replenish natural levels of oestrogen lost at this time. Together is the true route to optimum skin and hair health.

oestrogen levels in women

How do phytoestogens benefit skin?

As the ovaries run out of eggs, oestrogen levels fall. Oestrogen stimulates the production of collagen, the supportive structure that gives skin its strength and density. The process of skin cell turnover is also directly affected, with lower levels of oestrogen slowing down cell turnover. These factors cause three key changes to skin including a loss of radiance, thinner skin making it more prone to wrinkles, and a loss of moisture making skin much dryer. Natural plant oestrogens in the replenish range mimic the action of natural oestrogen in the skin in turn helping to restore skin.

How do phytoestogens benefit hair?

As oestrogen levels are reduced, testosterone which may have been lying dormant in the female's body until this point in life has a bigger effect on the hair cycle. This can cause thinning and make each hair finer. Natural oils are also reduced so hair can become dry. By replenishing hair with phytoestrogens this helps to restore a balance so that volume, moisture and shine can be restored.


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