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Vet with dog

Healthspan's panel of pet experts

We understand that you want to make the right choices for your pet's health and wellbeing, so we’re committed to providing you with regular advice. Our articles on nutrition, behaviour and health come from a range of veterinary experts and professionals, allowing you to make the best choices for your cat, dog or horse.

Richard AllportRichard Allport


Richard qualified as a vet in 1973, and after ten years in ‘conventional’ work began to specialise in natural therapies. In 1996 he opened the Natural Medicine Centre, a veterinary referral centre specialising solely in natural therapies for pets including; acupuncture, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, osteopathy and healing. Richard has written three books on the treatment of pets with natural therapies, has been on radio and TV and regularly writes articles about natural medicines in pet magazines.

Jackie MurphyJackie Murphy

Canine Behaviourist

Jackie Murphy is a canine behavioural consultant and dog trainer and has been working with dogs professionally since 2004. Jackie studied through Compass Education and Training and has recently completed her Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management. As one of the UK’s leading dog behaviour experts, Jackie has run her own business for over 10 years, advising on all manner of behavioural problems and offering dog training courses.

Kristina JohansenKristina Johansen

Canine Nutritionist

Kristina is a qualified canine dietary consultant. Her journey into canine nutrition started out of love for an old rescue dog who was not responding to traditional medicine. She advises on general canine nutrition and home prepared diets working closely with a wide variety of vets. In 2013 she set up Elmo's Kitchen, a specialist canine dietary consultancy who provide nutritional advice to dog owners. In 2014 she also launched her very first App for all dog lovers called Doglicious which allows users to look up over 220 ‘human’ foods to find out whether they are safe or harmful to their dog.