Plant Sterols

We all receive some plant sterols from our diet as they can be found in vegetable oils and grains. However, modern diets may be lacking in these foods which are important to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Our range of plant sterol supplements are calorie free and proven to lower blood cholesterol.

Plant Sterols 800mg

Proven to lower blood cholesterol.*

  • Blocks the absorption of dietary cholesterol.
  • One tablet maintains normal cholesterol levels.
  • Three tablets a day lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Low in calories.

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Heart Synergex

The optimum combination of heart health nutrients.

  • Plant sterols for the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.
  • High quality omega 3 for its role in normal cardiac function.
  • Cardio-vitamin complex, garlic extract and co-enzyme Q10.

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