Immunity and Winter Bundle

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Immunity and Winter Bundle

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Our cold-busting bundle for immunity and the winter months is packed with immune-boosting Vitamin C plus Zinc and Black Garlic for support.


One of the most important minerals used by our bodies for a variety of functions. As we cannot produce or store zinc, it is important to keep feeding our bodies with this essential nutrient. Zinc supports our immune system and cognitive function. It also maintains bone and eye health, assists fertility and reproduction, and even helps keep our hair, nails and skin in the best possible condition.

Ruby Breakfast Effervescent Vitamin C

A delicious citrus flavoured breakfast drink that is packed with vitamin C and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, giving you that little extra boost in the mornings. It also contains no sodium which helps to maintain blood pressure.

Black Garlic

Our black garlic tablets are produced using a unique fermentation process: fresh garlic (Allium sativum) is kept under carefully-controlled temperature and humidity conditions for over a month. This removes the smell and helps distil garlic’s positive effect on the heart. In addition, our black garlic tablets are low in fat and rich in amino acids that are easy for our body to digest and absorb.

Key Features

  • Packed with immune-boosting Vitamin C
  • Contains Zinc & Black Garlic

Additional Information

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