An energising multivitamin supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals to offer a helping hand to ageing horses.
8 reviews


An energising multivitamin supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals to offer a helping hand to ageing horses.
8 reviews
  1. 496 Grams

It’s claimed that the oldest horse on record lived to the age of 62 and died in 1822. 


What is EquiSenior?

Multivitamins come in all shapes and sizes and can be designed for specific needs. EquiSenior is a multivitamin supplement specially tailored for your older horse. It contains an array of vitamins, minerals and herbs to help keep your senior horse energised day in day out.

Why choose EquiSenior?

Horses need many important nutrients from their diet to keep them active, full of energy and for boosting their immune system and building and repairing vital tissues. However, as your horse gets older, they are no longer able to absorb and use these essential nutrients as well as before. Therefore, an all-in-one supplement like EquiSenior is the perfect way to make sure your horse is receiving enough nutrients to keep them in the best of health, whether they are still active or enjoying a happy retirement.

Each serving of EquiSenior contains many essential vitamins including vitamins A, E, super strength vitamin C as well as 6 B vitamins. Vital minerals copper and zinc work alongside L-Lysine, an essential amino acid to ensure your horse’s nutritional needs are supported. EquiSenior also includes powerful herb Ginkgo biloba, used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to support brain health and calcium which works together with vitamin D3 to support ageing bones and teeth.

What’s more, EquiSenior is blended with alfalfa (also known as Lucerne) – a tasty and nutritious herb your horse will love.

What type of horse is this for?

EquiSenior is suitable for horses of any age, but is the perfect choice for horses aged 14 or over. We also recommend using it for extra support in late autumn to early spring when your horse is more likely to be feeling their age.

Made in the UK.

Key Features

  • Supports ageing bones and teeth.
  • Designed specifically for older horses.
  • Competition safe and individually batch tested.
  • 1 months' supply.

Additional Information

Feeding guidelines

Add to your horse’s regular daily feed. Once you have mixed it with the feed, use within 12 hours. If adding EquiSenior to a dry feed try dampening the feed to make the mixing more effective.

Each tub includes a handy scoop to help you dispense the supplement, but it should not be used as a measure.

All horses – 16g

496g =1 month's supply (31 servings) for an average sized horse.

Product Information

Key nutritional information

Nutritional Info Per dose % EC NRV*
Vitamin A 1500mcg
Vitamin B1 30mg
Vitamin B2 7mg
Vitamin B3 30mg
Vitamin B5 65mg
Vitamin B6 20mg
Vitamin C 2000mg
Vitamin D3 35mcg
Vitamin E 335mg
Folic Acid 7mg
Calcium 270mg
Copper 30mg
Zinc 90mg
L-Lysine HCl 1600mg
Ginkgo Biloba 1mg
NRV: Nutrient Reference Value        RE: Retinol Equivalent       a-TE: Alpha Tocopherol Equivalent       NE: Niacin Equivalent       µg: Micrograms        *If blank, NRV does not apply.

Nutritional Information


Alfalfa, calcium ascorbate (non-acidic vitamin C), L-lysine, vitamin E, zinc citrate, copper sulphate, vitamin B5, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin B2, folic acid, Ginkgo biloba extract.


As with all feed supplements, consult your vet before making significant changes to your horse’s diet, especially if your mare is in foal or lactating. Please consult your vet should you be feeding your senior horse a specialist senior ration or other supplements first. The recommended intake is the recommendation for the average sized horse.

Firmly close container after use. Store in a cool, dry place. For optimum effect please use within 12 months of opening.




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