50 Plus Bundle for Women

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50 Plus Bundle for Women

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MultiVitality 50 Plus

As we age our bodies absorb nutrients less easily, which is why a multivitamin supplement can prove particularly useful. These tablets have been specifically developed for the needs of everyone over the age of 50.

Sage 2,000mg

Known to help with a wide variety of conditions, sage leaf capsules have mild phytoestrogen properties. Literally an oestrogen from plants, sage has a long and varied history of medical use. For menopausal relief, it’s recommended that you partner sage pills with our Black Cohosh supplement.

Calcium & Vitamin D

We created a high strength formulation that is suitable for anyone, and especially ideal for women over 50 as it can help to reduce the loss of bone mineral linked to menopause. Low bone mineral density is a risk factor for osteoporotic bone fractures.

Super Strength Omega 3 2,000mg

Each capsule provides an unparalleled 60% total omega 3 fatty acids, including 240mg DHA and 360mg EPA. It’s been highly distilled to remove any toxins. Even better, we only make them from fish that are sustainably sourced. But don’t worry, we’ve made sure they don’t taste or smell fishy.

Key Features

  • MultiVitality 50 for nutritional insurance
  • Calcium & Vitamin D for bone health
  • Super Strength Omega 3 for brain and heart health



Please refer to individual products for their nutritional information.


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