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The most important meal of the day

“When” we eat food, is as important as “what” we eat - this is called ‘nutrient timing’. Breakfast is the fuel after the overnight fast, so replenishing our bodies energy levels with the right balance of macronutrients (specifically carbohydrates and protein) and micronutrients is key.

No matter what your breakfast of choice is, we have some delicious and healthy alternatives or complimentary products to kick-start your day.

Why it's important to eat breakfast

Why is breakfast so important and how can we make sure we’re incorporating the right nutrients into this meal to aid our body in the hours yet to come?


Daily Essentials

Daily Essentials
Foundations of good health & performance

Often taken as part of the breakfast routine, there are certain supplements that our experts would recommend we take daily to provide the nutritional insurances we require to stay active. Most supporting nutrients can be acquired from our diet (although we know how difficult this can be to achieve) but others are far harder to obtain in beneficial quantities from food alone.

From Calcium to Zinc we have a vast array of tablets and capsules to support your overall health and fitness goals.

Featured Daily Essentials

Performance Greens


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Activ Joint Physio®

40 Effervescent Tablets

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Your Exercise Essentials

Exercise and training hard can leave you more vulnerable to illness, so it is vital to ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.



Fuel your body pre, during and post

Physically, we’re all aware of the importance of stretching before exercise and warming down afterwards. What often gets overlooked is that the same pre and post exercise approach applies to nutrition. The NHS recommends that we undertake a minimum of 150 minutes moderate exercise a week, so it’s important we fuel our bodies with the right nutrients at the right time if we’re to make the most of our exercise.

From hydration to recovery, we have a number of products that can support you throughout each stage of exercise.

Featured Exercise Supplements

HMB 1g

90 Tablets

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Kick-Start Gum

40 Pieces

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Essential Whey Protein Concentrate - 1kg

£24.99 + FREE Flavour Drop

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Why Is Exercise So Important For My Health?

Government research reveals six million adults between the ages of 40-60 fail to clock up even 10 minutes of brisk walking in a whole month. Find out why exercise is so important.


Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks
Guilty pleasures can be healthy

All too often we hit that part of the day when we need a ‘top-up’ to satisfy our hunger and taste buds. We all need to indulge from time to time, but turning to our favourite chocolate bar or bag of crisps will only require us to work even harder in the gym that day. Gone are the days when healthy snacks taste like cardboard.

Should I Be Snacking?

Snacking in between your three main meals can play an important role in your daily diet -fuelling your body in between them.


Night Time

Night Time
Rest and recover properly

What most of us might not realise is how important sleep is to our overall performance. We all know that feeling mid-workout when you want to give up because you are so tired. Living an active lifestyle not only means increased nutritional demands on our bodies, the amount of sleep we need also increases. When we’re well rested, we’ll be able to perform our best.

Featured Night Time Supplement

Performance Cherry

30 Sachets

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Does Sleep Improve Performance?

How long, and how well we sleep has a fundamental impact on how we function, but can sleep improve performance?


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