We all need a helping hand from time to time, and this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to eating a nutritionally balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle. This is where the Healthspan app and our NutriCoach® well-being platform can help keep you on track.

Our all-in-one wellbeing app allows you to track your activity, log your diet and keep an eye on your overall progress, whilst putting you in control of how much or how little support you need from us in the form of health tips and customised supplements.

Whether you’re just starting your journey to a healthier you, or you’re already well under way, we believe that our app can help you achieve your personal goals - all you need is a smartphone.

The Healthspan app works best when seamlessly synced with our NutriCoach devices (Activity Tracker & Smart Scales), but if you have an existing tracker or want to import your data from an alternative source e.g Apple health kit, you can do so. The app is FREE to download so give it a try for yourself.

Real Time Targets

Dietary targets calculated using your personal information and optimised to help you reach your specific goals.

As you undertake activity and log your diet throughout the day, your targets will adjust in real time, keeping you in control.

Progress at a Glance

Your daily score provides you with a quick glance summary of your progress.

Calculated in real time using a combination of your activity and dietary behaviours, use it to stay motivated and become healthier day after day – can you hit a perfect 100?

Track Your Activity

Connect your NutriCoach Activity Tracker to effortlessly capture your motion, distance, calories and more.

Monitor your progress daily and over time to gain real insights into your performance and keep you moving towards your goals.

Log Your Food

Remove the guesswork and monitor your diet closely by logging your food in our UK food database.

Simply search or scan your item to access its nutritional information and then plan the rest of your meals accordingly.

Weigh yourself in on the NutriCoach Smart Scales to see the difference food logging can make.

Personalised Supplements

If you still need a little more support, then let our app recommend some supplements tailored to your biometrics and health goals.

In a few simple steps, you can create a multivitamin and protein to suit your individual needs. Simply click on the icons to answer a few short questions about yourself to reveal your recommendations.

Furthermore, we have a delicious electrolyte available. The app will personalise how much you require based on your volume of activity. You can buy all these supplements directly from the app.

Download the app today to claim a FREE sample of the supplements you can customise.



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