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"Amazing changes in just a month."


"To start with, I am an old man aged 81, who a few years ago suffered a devastating stroke which completely paralysed my right side and wiped out my ability to speak. So I regained my speech and most of my right side, though it is still difficult to write understandably because of my hand. Also walking is bad, as was my energy level, as I found my motivation to do anything was almost gone, as I slept during the day often.

So I started taking CBD Oil. The first day was amazing; I felt full of energy. That didn't last long, but gradually improved and now do not need to sleep. My walking has improved and I feel enthusiastic about doing jobs about he house and garden - with energy to finish it.

A amazing change is that I used to wake about three or four times a night in order to pass urine. Now I sleep through the night undisturbed. Also my walking has improved - and that is after only a months time. At he start I suffered from enlarged ankles and a fungus infection on my calves. All gone now.

Thanks for this wonderful health product."

Tony from Swansea

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Flexi-Joints Plus

"It's keeping their hips in fantastic condition."


"I have been having regular deliveries of tablets for my dogs, for many years and even when I lost my eldest, three years ago, there was no problem in reducing the quantity. I now have two Golden retriever dogs and the Flexi-Joints medication I buy is keeping their hips in fantastic condition."

Pat from South Glamorgan

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"I'm taking it as an insurance for a healthy body!"



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