As a vegetarian or vegan you may be at risk of deficiencies that a meat-free diet can cause. Not only does our range include specific vegetarian supplements that help support these potential deficiencies, but the majority of our products are suitable for vegetarians. We do not use gelatin in our capsules unless it is totally necessary.

Veg-Omega™ 3

Veg-Omega 3

Only 30p per day

Vegetarian source of both DHA and EPA in one capsule

  • Naturally sourced from marine microflora
  • 150mg DHA and 120mg EPA per capsule
  • One of the first vegetarian supplements with both DHA and EPA
60 Capsules
1 month supply
Now £8.98 was £17.95
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MultiVitality® for Vegetarians

MultiVitality for Vegetarians

Only 4p per day

An advanced multivitamin for vegetarians & vegans

  • A unique multivitamin formulation
  • Developed by our expert nutritionists for vegetarians and vegans
  • Added Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Zinc
120 tablets
4 month supply
Now £4.73 was £9.45
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Only 57p per day

30mg French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

  • One of the most versatile supplements available
  • Delivers a unique blend of natural bioflavonoids
  • Grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides
  • Contains a variety of fruit acids such as catechins, taxifolins and procyanidins
60 Tablets
1 month supply
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Optiflex Glucosamine 1000mg

Optiflex® Glucosamine 1,000mg

Only 6p per day

Gold market standard strength

  • Convenient one-daily tablet
  • Market standard 1,000mg HCl strength
  • High level of glucosamine per tablet at excellent value
3-5 month supply
5-10 month supply
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Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids 500mg

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids

From 5p per day

500mg Vitamin C

  • Immune system support
  • Chewable orange and apricot flavour
  • With Bioflavonoids to improve uptake
2-5 month supply
5-10 month supply
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Double Strength Acai Berry 4,000mg

Only 18p per day

Equivalent to 4000mg whole acai berries.

  • Nutrient rich 'super berry'.
  • Rich source of amino acids, fibre, vitamin A and B vitamins.
  • 20mg vitamin C added for extra nutrient support.
120 Tablets
4 month supply
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Agnus Castus Premenstrual Relief

Agnus Castus Premenstrual Relief

Only 33p per day

4mg fruit extract

  • Licensed Herbal Medicine (THR)
  • Traditionally taken for PMS
  • Reduces cramps, bloating and mood swings
60 Tablets
2 month supply
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Only 29p per day

525mg celadrin per tablet

  • Unique natural product.
  • The fast acting partner to glucosamine.
  • Absorbed rapidly in the body and recognised for providing quick results.
60 tablets
1-2 months supply
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Beta Carotene 7mg

Beta Carotene

Only 10p per day

7mg Natural Beta Carotene

  • Non-toxic form of the neutralising nutrient vitamin A.
  • Considered to be one of the most important carotenoids.
  • Department of Health’s maximum recommended intake.
120 tablets
4 month supply
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50mg Standardised Extract

  • Supports normal vision*.
  • 50mg standardized extract.
  • Rich in anthocyanidins (12.5mg).
  • Natural source from fresh bilberries.
120 Tablets
2 month supply
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