Key Features

  • Naturally sourced.
  • Saline solution for high bioavailablity.
  • With added vitamin C.

What is Liquiflex?

  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Gelatin Free
Liquiflex is formulated using the patented natural ingredient Novisyn HA and with added vitamin C for joint support.* HA is naturally produced within the body; it is a major component of synovial fluid which acts like a natural lubricant within the joints, reducing the friction between cartilage and the synovial joints as we move. As we age our ability to produce HA reduces.

Although it has been available as a supplement for some time, in both tablet and capsule form, the effectiveness of this type of HA supplementation has been called into question. Traditionally, HA has been sourced from poultry but the consistency and quality of this type of HA cannot be guaranteed.

Healthspan’s Liquiflex signals a major breakthrough in HA supplementation; developed by our expert nutritionists in association with some of the world’s leading experts. Liquiflex is free from any animal derived products and each liquid sachet provides 17mg of HA at a molecular weight between 1.2 million and 1.5 million daltons (Da), the same molecular weight found within the human body – this helps to ensure optimum absorption.

Liquiflex is one of the only all-natural forms of HA available. Delivered in a liquid saline solution for improved bioavailability and to ensure that the active ingredient content is absorbed in its entirety. It provides the ideal solution for people who do not like swallowing tablets or capsules and is the perfect partner to glucosamine.

*Vitamin C contributes to the maintenance of normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.

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Sodium Hyaluronate, Ascorbic Acid, Saline Solution (Water, Sodium Chloride).

Typical values per Sachet   % NRV
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NRV:Nutrient Reference Value RE: Retinol Equivalent a-TE: Alpha Tocopherol Equivalent NE: Niacin Equivalent µg: Micrograms

Recommended Intake


Sodium Hyaluronate, Ascorbic Acid, Saline Solution (Water, Sodium Chloride).

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Typical values per tablet   % RI

%RI = percentage of reference intake of an average adult

Independent Reviews for Liquiflex

Overall Rating: 4.64 / 5 stars, based on 36 reviews Below you can find the latest 25 reviews. To access the full list please click here

23 March 2017

well I had high hopes for this product but so far I have not noticed any difference in my knees. Perhaps it is too soon as I have not been taking it for long.

Thank you for your review - We would recommend this product be taken for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks, however maximum benefits may not be obtained until at least 3 to 4 months of continuous usage. You may wish to call our free phone number or email where one of our Product Advisor's will be pleased to advise you on an alternative product which may be of benefit.


16 February 2017

This product really works!

26 January 2017

This is so quick and easy to take each morning in a drop of water.
Too early to say whether it is working but I have faith in all of Healthspans products as it is easy to find out more information about them before or after buying them. I am taking it to help turn around the joint pain I have in my spine and my knees.

25 January 2017

Easy and pleasant to take. Seems to help in maintaining the mobility of joints.

Thank you for your comments - It's lovely to hear how well the product is working for you


29 December 2016


24 October 2016

Love the idea of a sachet but no matter how hard I try to open them carefully and pour into my glass of water some spills out as I tip them. I expect its just me. Very easy to take anyway.

10 October 2016

I have used this product for some time. It is easy and pleasant to take but one is taking on trust what good it is doing!

07 August 2016

got rid of my creaky knees. a fantastic product

02 August 2016

My wife believes this product has eased a painful knee, she now walks several miles without ill effect.

Thank you for leaving a comment - It's lovely to hear how well the product is working for your wife.

01 August 2016


28 July 2016


25 July 2016

helps joint movement on a daily basis

03 June 2016


09 May 2016

efficace al 100%. facile da usare. buon rapporto prezzo/qualità.

05 May 2016

Easy and pleasant to take

15 March 2016

I have not taken Liquiflex regularly but found an improvement in my knees last time I took Liquiflex. I have started to take it again- together with Glucosamine Chondroitin and Omega3 which I take daily.

09 March 2016

So far I didn't receive this product in spite of being already paid

08 March 2016

Helps keep joints supple

21 February 2016

I'm not sure about these yet but they are good value and I think they will help my joints

15 February 2016

It does what it says on the tin, I bought it on special price, so even better!

17 December 2015

I have been free from knee pain for sometime and provided i am sensible and don't do rash things my knee feels much more secure.

05 December 2015

always buy this product it works well for me

07 November 2015

hopefully to lubricate skinned joints