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For over 15 years, we have been working alongside equine veterinary experts and nutritionists dedicated to using the finest, purest natural ingredients at optimum levels.

We offer a full range of gold standard equine supplements that can all be taken safely in combination.

BETA Approved
Farrier Recommended
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BETA Approved

Approval from the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) certifies that we run a reputable business, complying with the best practice guidelines set by the association. Every product in our premium equine range is BETA approved and complies with the guidelines set out by the Jockey Club and Federation Equestrian International (FEI) rules.

BETA was formed in 1979 and has grown to be recognised and accepted as the official representative body for the equestrian manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade by Government and leading riding organisations.

BETA approved equine products

Farrier Recommended

We work closely with farriers to ensure our products provide optimum levels of ingredients for hoof strength and resilience.

Mark Brown - Farrier

“As a registered farrier I am delighted to be working alongside Healthspan as an ambassador for their equine product range. Specially formulated using only the purest natural ingredients, every product can be taken safely in combination and all perfectly complement each other. I am particularly passionate about their hoof supplement, EquiHoof which contains exactly the same amount of biotin as leading brands but costs a fraction of the price, providing horse owners with an affordable alternative to keep their horse’s hooves in the best of health.”

- Mark Brown, Farrier

Equiflex: Clinically Proven

Our research has shown that a combination of the right nutrients and supplementation can help provide the components needed to help maintain cartilage strength and support joints. EquiFlex, our advanced glucosamine based formulation is clinically proven to help optimise mobility, providing optimum levels of the purest natural ingredients at everyday great value.

Read and download our comprehensive, independent report on the benefits of EquiFlex.

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Clinically proven equine products

“Feeding a glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulphate and manganese ascorbate supplement to a wide age-range of equines appears to improve significantly their stride length, lameness, movement character and overall mobility.”

- Findings from the independent clinical trial

Competiton Safe

To ensure all products are safe to use in competition organised under FEI or Jockey Club/BHA guidelines, every batch of product in the VetVits Equine product range is screened for naturally occurring prohibited substances on the BETA list.

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