Mary McMonnies Raises £2000 for the Medical Detection Dog Charity

Posted 26 February 2015 12:00 AM by VetVits

Mary McMonnies is flying stateside to participate in a Grand Canyon trek to raise £2000 for the Medical Detection Dog charity. Mary has been involved with this charity for 5 years and has seen first-hand the positive difference it has already made on people’s lives.

Medical Detection Dogs charity aims to train specialist dogs to detect the odour of human disease. There are two sides to the charity - Medical Alert Assistance Dogs & Cancer Detection Dogs.

The former support individuals with complex health conditions who have no awareness of an impending life-threatening medical event. Using their amazing sense of smell the dogs can be trained to identify the minute odour changes emitted prior to an emergency. Currently Medical Alert Assistance dogs support people with Type1 Diabetes, Addison's Disease, Narcolepsy & severe allergies.

Dogs can also detect the minute odours associated with many cancers. Medical Detection Dogs Cancer work has two aims: Firstly to assist scientists to develop electronic systems that will assist in the early detection of cancer through cheap non-invasive tests. Secondly the cancer dogs could provide additional screening for cancers that are currently difficult to diagnose reliably, such as prostate cancer.  

Mary’s trekking challenge is to venture 3,100 feet into the heart of the Grand Canyon on an ancient Indian trail. She will then hike up canyons and descend through tunnels and ladders cut into the stone. The climb out of the Canyon is by the same trail used for the descent. Other than the fantastic fundraising the Mary has been doing for the charity, she is also socialising a puppy called Judy, who will hopefully become one of the charity's Medical Alert Assistance Dogs.

For more information about the Medical Detection Dogs charity or to find out how you can socialise a puppy visit

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