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Jumping ahead of joint health

Posted 26 July 2013 12:00 AM by John Foster
horse jumping

Inevitably as your horse gets older they will experience wear and tear on their joints and the first changes in your horse's mobility could be so subtle they may go unnoticed. When it comes to joint health, a proactive approach is recommended and you can help to keep your horse's joints in optimum condition by providing the right joint support from an early age.

Did you know...

Your horse has around 205 individual bones in their body, and at the end of these is cartilage, a tissue that provides a cushioning effect in joints. Cartilage has no blood supply, so everything it needs to function, grow and repair gets there by diffusion which is thought to be assisted by exercise and nutrition.

Can glucosamine help?

The body can synthesize enough glucosamine to keep the existing cartilage healthy but sometimes particularly with age or injury, enough glucosamine may not be naturally produced to keep up with all the body's needs. Damaged cartilage can often cause the horse pain to move due to the bone on bone contact hence we always advise a glucosamine based supplement to help optimise your horse's mobility.
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