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Caron Whaley

Equine Behaviourist

Caron Whaley was the first person personally trained and certified by both internationally acclaimed horse behaviourist, Monty Roberts, and classical riding expert, Heather Moffett. After spending 2 decades overseas, educating remedial horses and handlers at some of the most prestigious stables, she now brings her global expertise back to the UK.

Caron is qualified in the areas of equine ethology (behaviour of wild horses) and equine behaviourism (behaviour of domestic horses), which allows her to ‘get inside’ the head of problem horses and view the world as they see it. She combines this with a master's degree in human psychology, which gives her the unique ability of being able to guide horses and humans to a place of mutual understanding, trust and respect. 

Caron's passion is working with ‘misunderstood’ horses and her interventions have allowed a number of dangerous horses, destined to be destroyed, to transform into emotionally balanced equines.

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