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Fiona Watkins

Equine Nutritionist

Fiona Watkins, BSc (Hons), Pro Dip, is a fully qualified, professional UK-based Independent Equine Nutritionist.

She has always been a keen horse lover and started riding at an early age.  Her interest in horses and ponies has never dwindled, despite a career lasting fifteen years in Corporate business.  Three years ago, she set about putting her passion in to practice – with the goal of improving the welfare of equines through nutrition.

She is currently the first person to have been awarded with a Professional Diploma from The Open College of Equine Studies (TOCES) in Equine Nutrition.  This course took Fiona two years to complete and unlike other qualifications available in Equine Science, solely concentrates on the physiology of the equine digestive system and associated nutrition for various disciplines.  She therefore delivers to her clients, a concise working and practical knowledge of all aspects of equine nutrition.

Fiona is also a member of The Nutrition Society, an independent association that brings together individuals in the nutrition profession and seeks to provide ongoing improvements in performance.

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