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Only 8p per day

Expert-recommended strength

  • 40% more glucosamine than standard 2KCI
  • The most advanced form of glucosamine available
  • Our most popular glucosamine supplement
4 month supply
8 month supply
was £18.95
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Only 45p per day

Our bestselling chondroitin product

  • 1,500mg glucosamine and 1,200mg chondroitin in each 3-tablet daily dose
  • Expert-recommended levels
  • Most economical way to obtain your glucosamine & chondroitin intake
20 day supply
40 day supply
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Only 9p per day

Highest EPA content

  • 200mg DHA and 300mg EPA
  • 'Friend of the Sea' certified
  • Highly distilled to remove toxins
3 month supply
6 month supply
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Only 5p per day

Our most popular cod liver oil supplement

  • 105mg DHA, 120mg EPA
  • Sustainably sourced from Iceland
  • Natural lemon flavouring
2-4 month supply
4-8 month supply
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Only 5p per day

Complete A-Z formulation

  • 27 vitamins, minerals and micronutrients
  • One of the most comprehensive multivitamins available
  • Healthspan bestseller
3 month supply
6 month supply
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Only 30p per day

High Strength Co-Q10 supplement

  • High levels CoQ10 in one capsule
  • Created through a unique yeast-fermentation process
  • Sunflower oil base to aid absorption
60 Capsules
2 month supply
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