Winter 2016 Sale
Sale Artichoke Extract

Artichoke Extract

360mg standardised extract

  • Extract equivalent to 9,000mg artichoke leaves
  • Standardised to contain 7.2mg of the key compound cynarin
  • Contains flavonoids including luteolin
120 Tablets
2 month supply
Now £3.98 was £7.95
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Sale Brain Bursts

Omega 3 Brain Bursts®

Delicious Orange Chewable Capsules for Children

  • One capsule daily
  • 230mg of DHA and 40mg of EPA per capsule
  • Free from sugar, aspartame and artificial colours
60 Capsules
2 month supply
Now £4.98 was £9.95
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Sale Celadrin® Cream

Celadrin® Cream

With added comfrey leaf extract

  • Advanced, natural fatty acid compound
  • Celadrin® is a partner of the International Federation of Sport’s Medicine
  • Added benefit of natural comfrey leaf extract
  • Perfect Partner to Glucosamine
Now £7.48 was £14.95
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Sale Circulease™


Natural support for healthy circulation

  • Support a healthy blood flow*
  • Support the normal formation of red blood cells
  • Help in the maintenance of normal blood pressure
30 tablets
1 month supply
Now £6.48 was £12.95
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Sale Cod Liver Oil & Calcium

Cod Liver Oil and Calcium

Only 7p per day

550mg Cod Liver Oil & 400mg Calcium per daily dose

  • With 50mg DHA and 60mg EPA
  • Helps support bone health
  • Great value alternative to buying two separate supplements
180 Capsules
3 month supply
Now £5.48 was £10.95
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Sale Easyfibre® FOS

Easyfibre® FOS - Soluble dietary fibre

Only 6p per day

Increase your fibre intake without having to change your diet or lifestyle.

  • Prebiotic derived naturally from sugar beet
  • Provides a natural and simple solution to help increase your fibre intake
  • Can be dissolved in a glass of water or juice
450 grams
3 month supply
Now £4.98 was £9.95
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Sale Glucosamine Gel

Glucosamine Gel

Non-sticky easily absorbed glucosamine gel

  • Can be applied when required
  • Contains easy-to-absorb n-acetyl glucosamine
  • Also includes eucalyptus and peppermint
  • Soothing gel for instant relief
150ml Gel
Now £6.48 was £12.95
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Sale Liquiflex®


  • Naturally sourced
  • Saline solution for high bioavailablity
  • With added vitamin C
30 sachets
1 month supply
Now £8.48 was £16.95
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Sale Multivitality for Children

MultiVitality® for Children

Only 5p per day

Delicious chewable bears providing 13 essential nutrients for children

  • Gives your child a head start on their daily nutrition needs
  • With Vitamins A, C, D, E and B
  • Also contains elderberry and Zinc
120 tablets
4 month supply
Now £4.98 was £9.95
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Sale Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng

Only 4p per day

150mg standardised extract

  • Also known as Korean Ginseng
  • Super Strength, one a day herb
  • Extract equivalent to 1,500mg of root
120 Tablets
4 month supply
Now £4.48 was £8.95
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