Weight Management

For many of us, there will be a time in our lives where we would like to lose some weight. Losing weight reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes, and helps us to look and feel better about ourselves. Good nutrition is needed to form a solid foundation of healthy weight loss, and we offer a wide range of weight management supplements.

weight-away glucomanna

Weight Away (glucomannan)

A natural aid to support healthy weight loss

  • 1,000mg glucomannan and 50mg green coffee.
  • Aids weight loss by absorbing water in the digestive system.
  • Delicious raspberry flavour drink.
30 Sachets
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Only 10p per day

Contains 375mg magnesium

  • Easy to take one a day formula
  • With full Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C
  • For healthy bones and teeth
90 Tablets
3 month supply
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CLA 1,000mg

1,000mg capsules, minimum 800mg pure CLA

  • Standardised to contain a minimum of 80% CLA.
  • Derived naturally from safflowers.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
60 Capsules
1-2 months
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Cinnamon 1,000mg

200mg extract equivalent to 1,000mg Cinnamon

  • Expert recommended strength.
  • Potency and form same as that used in proven clinical trials.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
120 Tablets
2-3 months supply
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Double Strength Acai Berry 4,000mg

Only 18p per day

Equivalent to 4000mg whole acai berries.

  • Nutrient rich 'super berry'.
  • Rich source of amino acids, fibre, vitamin A and B vitamins.
  • 20mg vitamin C added for extra nutrient support.
120 Tablets
4 month supply
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Only 4p per day

200mcg chromium picolinate

  • One of the most bio-available versions available.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.
  • Supports the metabolism of sugar.
360 Tablets
12 month supply
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L-Arginine 750mg


Only 27p per day

750mg free base L-Arginine

  • Premium amino acid
  • 750mg of free base L-Arginine in each tablet
  • Particularly popular with men
120 Tablets
2-4 month supply
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Lecithin 1,200mg Super Strength


Only 10p per day

1,200mg per capsule

  • Super strength capsules
  • Derived from soya beans
  • A rich natural source of important nutrients choline and Inositol
120 Capsules
1-2 month supply
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Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Only 13p per day

340mg standardised extract

  • High grade extract.
  • 95% polyphenol content.
  • Rich source of EGCG.
90 Tablets
3 month supply
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5-HTP 100mg

Only 13p per day

100mg 5-HTP with Zinc and B Vitamins

  • A natural way to boost serotonin levels and increase your levels of 5-htp
  • Contains vitamin B3, B6 and zinc to support normal psychological and neurological functions
  • One of our top selling products, receiving a 5 star review rating
60 Tablets
1-2 month supply
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