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Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D plays an important role in everything from our bones and muscles to our teeth and immune system, and The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend that everyone takes a daily supplement of 10µg of vitamin D throughout the year.

Available as capsules, 400iu, 1,000iu and 2,000iu tablets, gummies and sprays, vitamin D supplements can provide vitamin D2 or the more easily-absorbed vitamin D3. Find the best vitamin D supplement for you below.

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What are the benefits of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is important to health throughout our life, with benefits such as supporting the normal growth and development of children's bones and helping to reduce the risk of falling (associated with postural instability and muscle weakness) in older adults.

Vitamin D has an effect throughout the body, with receptors in the brain, immune system and in muscles – including the heart.

Symptoms of deficiency can show up throughout the body, too – including an increased risk of bone and gum problems, muscle pain and susceptibility to colds and illnesses. In research involving more than 19,000 adults, having low levels of vitamin D increased the likelihood of developing common cold symptoms by over a third.

Another reason why vitamin D becomes increasingly important during the winter is mood. Between October and March in the UK, when the sun is not strong enough to allow our skin to synthesise vitamin D, deficiency is known to cause symptoms similar to those reported by people living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). These include mood changes (such as feelings of hopelessness and sadness), forgetfulness, anxiety and trouble sleeping.

Skin conditions, which can also worsen during the winter months, might be helped by vitamin D's role in cell division. In the skin, where cells renew on average every 28 days, topical vitamin D (known as calcitriol) has been shown to reduce the amount of skin inflammation and irritation in people living with psoriasis.

Obtaining vitamin D through a supplement or topical application can help prevent the damage associated with UV exposure, including premature skin ageing (wrinkling, loss of elasticity and uneven tone).

Find more about vitamin D in our nutrient guide.

Types of vitamin D supplements

If you decide to take a vitamin D supplement, tablets are not the only option. Vitamin D is also available as capsules, gummies and sprays, in different strengths to give you a top-up, or a higher dose to correct for more severe deficiencies.

Certain products also have specialised formulations to help improve absorption, which can be important if you are over the age of 50, or do not get much vitamin D from your diet or the sun.    

Vitamin D tablets

The most traditional way to take supplements, vitamin D tablets are great for those with established supplement routines.

Super Strength Vitamin D3 provides 25µg D3 (the form the body produces naturally in response to sunlight) in small, easy-to-swallow tablets.

To put this in context, eggs are a good source of vitamin D – but you would still need to eat 22 eggs to equal one 25µg tablet (equivalent to 1000iu vitamin D).

Vitamin D capsules

Vitamin D3 50 Plus has double the amount of vitamin D3 (50µg) as Super Strength Vitamin D3.

These high-dose vitamin D capsules are specially designed for people over 50 years of age, because as we get older, our skin becomes less efficient at converting sunlight into vitamin D. In fact, studies have shown that we produce four times less in our sixties than we do in our twenties.

These capsules also have a more advanced, highly absorbable formulation, which includes a drop of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to help the body absorb the maximum amount of vitamin D.

Vegan Vitamin D3 Plus also provides 50µg vitamin D3, but in a vegan formulation.

Until recently, plant-based vitamin D supplements could only provide vitamin D2, but thanks to an exciting innovation, vegan vitamin D3 can now be sustainably sourced from photosynthesising algae, with very low CO2 emissions.

The capsules are easy to swallow, with sunflower seed oil to further aid vitamin D absorption.

Vitamin D gummies

Vitamin D Gummies are great for adding an essential vitamin to your daily routine in a fun way. Despite tasting like a sweet – thanks to a delicious blackcurrant flavour – they contain no added sugar and deliver 25ug vitamin D3 with all the same benefits as vitamin D tablets for bones, muscles, teeth and immune health.

They're also vegan-friendly and suitable for children aged 5 and above – so they're a great way to get your family to take their supplements.

The fully recyclable tubs are made from a minimum of 30 per cent recycled plastic and are perfect for popping in your car, desk or bag, so you can take them whenever works for you.

Vitamin D Spray

Elite Vitamin D3 Spray is our strongest, fastest-acting supplement. By feeding vitamin D3 straight into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth, the spray format (with a refreshing peppermint flavour) also allows for maximum absorption. 

Providing 4,000iu (100ug) vitamin D3 per dose, this high-strength vitamin D provides the optimum amount to overcome deficiency or to support the needs of athletes, and is batch-tested and accredited by Informed Sport to be safe for competing athletes.

Best vitamin D supplement

With different options to choose from, the best vitamin D supplement for you will depend on everything from your age and level of deficiency, to how you want to take your supplement – but the most important thing is to take it regularly, to ensure your vitamin D remains at a good level.

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