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Dr Hilary Jones

Articles by Dr Hilary Jones

Illustration of a family walking by a river
Look after your joints and keep doing the things you love. Read Dr Hilary's top tips for keeping flexible, looking after your cartilage and maintaining collagen.
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Crecent moon and stars
Good sleep is essential for our physical and psychological health. Here Dr Hilary Jones shares his expert advice on what to do if you're struggling with rest.
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Magnesium-rich foods with chemical symbol for magnesium
Magnesium is vital for many processes essential to good health. Dr Hilary Jones explains what magnesium does, why you need it and the impact of deficiency.
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Illustration of two hands made of flowers holding a heart
The heart beats 115,000 times a day to keep you alive. Dr. Hilary Jones reveals all about this amazing organ, and what you can do to keep it healthy.
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