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What's causing your bad hair days?

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Dry, frizzy or thinning hair - these are just a few of the things that we can end up fighting with in the mornings. In this article we explain what's causing your hair concerns so that the battle can end now.

Dry hair

Hair is unable to make its own oils so it relies on the natural oils from our scalps and the moisturising ingredients in the products that we use. As we age, our hair loses more moisture - this is a direct result of the lack of moisture in our skin. It therefore becomes even more important to provide your body with the right nutrients on the inside so that it can produce the oils your hair needs. Similarly it might be time to change your shampoo and conditioner so that your hair can be moisturised from the tip to the root.

Frizzy hair

The protein bonds in hair change when wet causing the hair to take a different shape. During any single day your hair comes into contact with many different environments, this could be central heating at home, rain outside or air conditioning in a shop. These all determine how much frizz you have. Using products containing silicones is the best way to combat humidity frizz as these hydrate whilst also creating a protective layer on the hair, making it more resistant to moisture in the air.

The other reason for frizz is unfortunately less avoidable as it is due to hair length. Each hair is in its own individual cycle which means that they are different lengths and sometimes the shorter ones stick out. One way to avoid this type of frizz from becoming worse is to avoiding breaking the hair.

Hair breakage

Healthy hair is very strong and can stretch by up to 30% in length. However, this ability is based upon having enough moisture and the protein keratin. When you brush your hair, these allow it to stretch and retract so that it doesn't break. Bleaching and highlighting, perms, chemical straightening and repetitive heat styling are the worst things for damaging hair. Although you can never completely restore hair back to the way it was before these things, the correct products can help to do a good job of giving hair a boost.

Fine hair

Fine hair can be caused by many things including medication, genetics, styling and stress, but for women hormones are the most common factor. As we age and reach the menopause, oestrogen levels in the body are reduced and so the 'male' hormones in our bodies have a bigger effect on the hair cycle. During and after the menopause androgens (a male hormone) cause hair follicles to shrink and each hair grows finer than before. Fine hair can become lank as a result of there being less hair surface, so the oils from our skin weigh it down. It is important to use volumising products regularly to prevent oils from building on the roots and to give hair a lift.

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