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How to lose weight fast

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Obesity is a common issue in the UK, according to the NHS obesity affects around one in every four adults. If you’re looking to slim down here’s some top tips on how to lose weight faster.

Obesity is a common issue in the UK, according to the NHS obesity affects around one in every four adults. If you're looking to slim down here are some top tips on how to lose weight faster.

Maintain a balanced diet

Nutrition is key when maintaining a balanced diet. Eating well can have a massive impact on your weight. Plenty of fruit and veg, low-fat dairy, lots of fish, skinless poultry, nuts, seeds and beans, as well as high-quality unsaturated oil are all essential for a balanced diet. You should avoid too much trans and saturated fat, highly processed foods, refined sugar, and salt.

Keep hydrated

Studies have suggested that making sure you have your daily water intake can help with weight loss.1 How much you should drink per day will depend on your size, how much physical activity you do and how hot the weather is. The European Food Safety Authority recommends as a guide 2.5 litres [2,500mls] a day for men and two litres [2,000mls] for women daily.

An at-home exercise plan can work

Dieting without exercise means that you won't maximise your weight loss. The two should work together. You don't need to join a gym to get active, simple at-home exercises can help. Instead of driving get out on your bike or walk. Exercises like walking, cycling or swimming are great for people just starting out. We all have different fitness levels, so find out where you are and use that as a starting point to build upon.

What about supplements?

If you're doing a diet that restricts certain food groups a multivitamin may be beneficial. Another key supplement for those looking to lose weight is Omega 3. Not only does it aid with the fat loss process, but it is an essential element for brain and body function too. In some cases, your diet may not allow you to eat foods high in omega 3, as natural sources such as fatty fish can be quite calorie-dense and high in fat. To supplement this, omega 3 again can be taken in pill form, but if you're not keen to be taking too many pills a day it can also be found in liquid form.

In addition to these two supplements, you may also consider taking creatine to aid you in your weight loss goals. This is the most well-supported supplements on the market, with the most evidence-based research in terms of improving performance in the gym or during your desired workout. How does it work? Creatine helps to create more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is your primary energy source during exercise. Of course, this goes hand in hand with increasing your output: meaning you will be able to work harder for longer, burning more calories, which is only going to aid your weight loss goals.

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