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Pet Health

Latest articles

Dog under orange blanket looking out of the window

26 October 2021

Can cats and dogs get colds?

If your cat or dog has started sneezing, or if you have a cold you're worried about passing on to your pet, vet Richard Allport shares his advice.
Dog running in garden with toy bone

11 November 2021

5 dog games your pet will love

Discover fun new games to play with your dog to help boost their health and happiness, as well as brush up on their training.
Woman sitting on sofa with her laptop and dog

19 October 2021

Is your lifestyle affecting your dog?

Whether it's your working hours, holidays or use of technology, canine behaviourist Jackie Murphy explains how your habits might be affecting your pet.
Dog asleep on orange bed

13 October 2021

Dogs and fireworks: how to help your pet

Fireworks cause many dogs a great deal of fear and anxiety, so it's up to us to do everything we can to help keep them calm. Try these expert tips.

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