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Pet Health

Latest articles

Grey dog sitting in wooden kennel

19 May 2021

How to look after a rescue dog

Canine behaviourist Jackie Murphy shares her advice on how to help your rescue dog settle in, including socialisation, walks, feeding and sleep.
Dog on walk being cuddled by owner

01 April 2021

Guide to happy dog walking

Cold, wet January can be a difficult time to get enthused about dog walking. Follow our guide to help make walkies a happy time for both you and your pet.
Dog walking on a treadmill in water

24 March 2021

Pet joint care: a different perspective

If your pet is suffering from joint pain, it doesn't have to mean painkillers and surgery. Vet Richard Allport discusses the holistic alternatives.
Dog curled up on rug

23 March 2021

Spring-clean your pet care cupboard

Whether it's old collars, piles of bedding, torn-apart toys or out-of-date food and medications, here's how to give your pet's belongings a good old spring clean.

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