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Monday to Friday home exercise plan

Christina Howells
Article written by Christina Howells

Date published 23 June 2020

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Christina Howells, personal trainer, has put together the perfect five-day exercise plan to make it easy for you to motivate yourself and get fit at home.

Mobility Monday

Start off the week by warming up your joints with these stretches and lunges. Christina Howells' guides you through cat stretches, shoulder CARS, lunge to pigeon stretch, Spider-Man lunge and thoracic rotation, and single-leg abductor stretch.

Check out this article for the full routine.

Core Work Tuesday

This routine is focused on working your anterior core muscles, helping to stabilise the hips and spine. Christina takes you through core exercises such as the bug, the plank, plank pillow passes, side plank and pillow scissor curls.

For the full exercise routine, see this exercise plan.

Strong Glutes Wednesday

Working your glutes is important for pelvic alignment and supporting the lower back. Christina has put together this plan of frog hip thrusts, modified side plank with clam, single-leg Romanian deadlift (RDL), curtsey lunges and glute kickbacks for strong glutes.

See the full glutes exercise plan for more detail.

Upper Body Thursday...

Having a strong upper body can help improve your posture, reduce injury and protect your bones. Try this plan of upper back and shoulder burner, under the chair pull-ups, press-ups, arm press and extensions in bridge, plank get-ups and beast to plank walkouts.

Check out the full exercise plan.

... and Leg Day Friday

Training legs helps to reduce the risk of injury and helps the range of motion in other muscles and exercises. This plan includes squats, step-ups, lateral lunges, hamstring curls and leg lifts trio.

For all the details on how to do these exercises and how many repetitions, see the full guide.

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Christina Howells

About Christina Howells

A London-based personal trainer and lifestyle management coach, Christina Howells has a proven track record, with over 25 years of personal fitness industry knowledge. She has a BSC in Exercise and Sport Science and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology.