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Platter of healthy foods in a heart shape

Fitness Nutrition

Latest articles

A woman exercising

24 June 2020

Best home core exercises

A strong core has many benefits. Christina Howells, Personal Trainer, has created a routine to strengthen your core at home using only a pillow as a prop.
Woman exercising at home

23 June 2020

Monday to Friday home exercise plan

Christina Howells, personal trainer, has put together the perfect five-day exercise plan to make it easy for you to motivate yourself and get fit at home.
One-pot bean dish with crusty bread

23 June 2020

Healthy eating on a budget

It's possible to have meals that are both healthy and cheap. Nutritionist Rob Hobson explains how to eat well on a budget with cupboard and frozen food.
Family doing exercises in the living room

16 June 2020

Get fit in an hour or less a day

Nicola Addison, personal trainer, explains how you can improve your fitness in an hour or less a day, without the gym or any special equipment.

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