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Healthy Recipes

Latest articles

Brown rice khichdi

11 November 2020

Brown rice khichdi

Inject a little spice into your diet with this traditional Ayurvedic dish, full of ginger, from nutritionist Rob Hobson.
Tofu curry

09 November 2020

Roasted pumpkin and tofu curry

Nutritionist Rob Hobson brings you a delicious autumnal vegan curry that's packed with vitamins and minerals to support heart and bone health.
Chilli in bowls and crusty bread

25 June 2020

Store cupboard recipes

If you're finding it difficult to get to the shops, don't worry: Nutritionist Rob Hobson has created some healthy recipes using store cupboard ingredients.
Chicken kebabs on wooden plate with tzatziki

18 June 2020

Fakeaways: chicken kebabs with tzatziki

In this nutritious version of takeaway kebabs, we replace fattier cuts of meat with lean skinless chicken thighs and use low-fat tzatziki. See the recipe...

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