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Pet Health

Latest articles

A brown dog in a field in the sunshine

16 July 2020

All about omegas for your pet

Omega fatty acids can help your pet reach their optimum health. We've put together a simple guide to help you choose the right omegas for your cat or dog.
Dog with open mouth looking into camera in sunlight

23 January 2020

Dog training: the secrets to success

Rather than telling you what your dog should learn this year, we spoke to our pet behaviourist to find out how your dog learns, so you can teach them whatever you like!
A wooden bowl of the bright orange turmeric powder, with fresh turmeric next to the bowl

26 November 2019

Turmeric for dogs

Dr Richard Allport explains the many benefits that turmeric may have for treating dogs with joint problems or inflammation.
A dog in the countryside

14 August 2019

Which flea treatment is best for my dog?

A common myth is that only pets in poor condition become infested with fleas, but this is not always true. Find out which treatment is best for your dog.

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