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Latest articles

Starflower plant

11 October 2023

Starflower oil: benefits and uses

Starflower oil has traditionally been used for the relief of PMS, the dry skin condition eczema and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms. Find out more.
Rose hip hanging from a tree

11 October 2023

Can rose hip help with joint pain?

Studies have shown that the colourful fruit of the wild rose can help with the pain, inflammation and stiffness experienced by osteoarthritis sufferers.
Bright green pine needles

11 October 2023

Pycnogenol: benefits and uses

Discover the huge number of benefits associated with pycnogenol, an extract of French maritime pine bark, including heart, joint and skin health.
Illustration of microbiota

11 October 2023

Your guide to probiotics

Everything you need to know about probiotics, from the potential health benefits to the signs that your gut bacteria is out of balance.
Pelargonium flowers

11 October 2023

Pelargonium: benefits and uses

This immune-boosting plant, which is a relative of the geranium, is effective in treating colds, coughs and other respiratory infections.

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