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Latest articles

Devil's Claw seeds in a bowl

25 September 2023

Devil's Claw: benefits and uses

Aches and pains can bring you to a standstill, but Devil’s Claw helps to keep you on the move, says herbalist Simon Mills.
St John's Wort flowers and extract

25 September 2023

St John's wort: benefits and uses

St John's wort is a traditional herbal medicine that is effective in treating anxiety, low mood and pre-menstrual syndrome.
Brazil nuts in bowl

25 September 2023

Selenium: benefits and uses

This important trace element, found in abundance in Brazil nuts, is vital for healthy cell growth and immunity.
Pile of bilberries

09 August 2023

The benefits of bilberry for eye health

Nutritionist Sarah Dumont-Gale discusses the benefits of bilberries, including the impressive results they have shown for glaucoma, dry eye, cataracts and more.

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