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Advice centre: expert health advice

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Eye health

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Joint health

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Heart health

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine frequently asked questions

Dr Sarah Brewer answers common questions about the coronavirus vaccine, addresses key concerns and debunks some conspiracy theories.

How to optimise your health for the COVID-19 vaccine

Dr Sarah Brewer explains how to optimise your health so your body has the best possible response to the COVID-19 vaccine.

How vaccines affect behaviour and mood

Psychologist Dr Meg Arroll explores the emotions around the COVID-19 vaccinations and whether it's giving us hope or seeing it as a magic bullet.

Returning to exercise after lockdown

If you're thinking of getting back into sport, personal trainer Nicola Addison's exercises will make the transition as easy and safe as possible.

Featured advice

What causes dry eyes and how to fix it

Have your eyes been feeling a little scratchy lately? Here’s how to fix it.

Your mind matters: help with anxiety and depression

Dr Megan Arroll shines the spotlight on anxiety and depression, and looks at what we can do to help combat the symptoms.

Guard against blue light exposure

Exposure to blue light from artificial light and digital devices can impact our health and hurt our eyes. See how nutrients and lifestyle changes can help.

Why am I experiencing joint pain? Finding the root cause

Find out how preventative measures and early intervention can protect you from joint pain in the future.

Latest advice

Why can't I sleep? How to deal with insomnia

Insomnia can cause tiredness, irritability and lack of concentration, but there are plenty of solutions to this common problem, says Rob Hobson.

The digestive microbiome: How important are gut microbes for our health?

Experts are increasingly recognising the significance of the microbes in our gut. Patsy Westcott explains why the microbiome is so important to our health.

Women's heart health: hidden signs and symptoms

Dr Sarah Brewer and cardiologist Dr Ameet Bakhai on the heart health warnings you may not know and how to keep an eye on your heart.

The benefits of turmeric for skin

Health and Beauty expert Jocelyn Bailey explains the benefits of using turmeric on your skin as a face mask.

The Healthspan Way

Find out why not all supplements are created equal
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More advice

Our 101 guide to vitamins and supplements

It's not always possible to get what you need from your diet. Read our comprehensive guide to getting the most out of vitamin and mineral supplements.

When's the best time to take my supplements?

Follow Dr Sarah's Brewer's guide to making the most out of your nutritional supplements by taking them at the right time of day.

Healthspan's Opti range: the absorption story

Opti Turmeric, Opti Magnesium, Opti C, Opti Omega 3... what does 'opti' mean, and why does Healthspan use it in product names? Dr. Sarah Brewer explains.

From Glucosamine to GlucosaGreen

Healthspan uses a high-tech manufacturing process to make its glucosamine in a less wasteful and more environmentally friendly way. Find out how.


Store cupboard recipes: healthy recipes

If you're finding it difficult to get to the shops, don't worry: Nutritionist Rob Hobson has created some healthy recipes using store cupboard ingredients.

Fakeaways: easy butter chicken with coriander chutney

Our healthy version of this popular takeaway dish uses yoghurt instead of cream and is served with brown rice – making a recipe low in fat and high in fibre.

Chicken casserole

Boost your health and wellbeing with this warming Ayurvedic recipe from nutritionist Rob Hobson.

Lentils with roasted aubergine and homemade pesto

Nutritionist Rob Hobson cooks for gut health with this easy and tasty vegan-friendly recipe.