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Advice centre: Expert health advice

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Older woman on top of a rock formation
Your health

Joint health

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Eye health

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Trending articles

Gut health: When should you go gluten-free?

Is a gluten-free diet just for coeliacs, or should we all be cutting down to support a healthy gut? Here are the facts behind going gluten-free.

The correlation between sleep and supple skin

Sleep is when your skin rejuvenates and recovers from the day, and its cells repair themselves. Find out how sleep can help your skin.

Fighting off infections: strong vs weak immunity

Did you know that a bad night’s sleep could weaken your ability to fight off an infection? Find out how your lifestyle choices can affect your immunity.

Perimenopause, pre-menopause: here's what to expect

Perimenopause is a natural part of ageing and is nothing to be afraid of. Find out how to manage your new health needs at this early menopause stage.

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Your health


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Eating well

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Weight management

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Featured articles

Find out how hormones affect your hair

We don’t often consider how hormone levels could be affecting our hair. Have dry or thinning hair? It could be hormone-related. Find out more.

Mediterranean diet versus western diet

Nutritionist Rob Hobson explores whether eating the Mediterranean diet, with lots of fish and healthy oils, is better for your brain than the Western diet.

Why we need vitamin D: The super supplement

This powerful nutrient plays a role in a number of different areas, from heart health to bone health to health during pregnancy. Find out more.

Heart health: is it different for women?

Did you know that women are more likely to develop heart disease than men? Find out more.

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