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Advice centre: Expert health advice

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Coming off HRT: What really happens?

Is it a good idea to suddenly stop taking HRT, or should you wean yourself off gradually? Find out more here.

Autoimmunity: natural alternatives to cortisone

Cortisone medicines are used to treat autoimmune conditions, but they can have side effects. Find out about natural alternatives.

Seven natural HRT alternatives

HRT medication provides synthetic versions of the hormones which naturally decline during menopause, but natural alternatives also exist. Find out more.

What strength CBD should I take?

High strength, super strength, ultra strength… with so many different types of CBD available, which one is best for your needs? Dr. Sarah Brewer explains.

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Featured articles

Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beer, wine, gin and spirits guide

If you're planning on taking the Dry January challenge this year, you'll want some interesting non-alcoholic drinks. Here's the expert view.

The benefits of turmeric for skin

Health and Beauty expert Jocelyn Bailey explains the benefits of using turmeric on your skin as a face mask.

New Year positivity guide

The cold, dark months after Christmas can be tough, especially with the COVID pandemic, but there are ways to boost your mood and outlook, says Jane Collins

Quiz: vegan, vegetarian, plant based or flexitarian – which is the diet for you?

Vegan, vegetarian, plant based or flexitarian: to help you decide which type of diet might be best for you, try this quiz from nutritionist Riya Lakhani.

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